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Bespoke Bridal

  • What is Haus Dahlia Bridal?

    Haus Dahlia Bridal is a bespoke service offering wedding designs, whether it for bride, bridesmaid, or special guest!

    To enquire please fill out the form below. Your request will be replied to within 48hrs, excluding bank holidays.

  • How it works...

    Once your request has been received you will be sent a PDF of the service we provide, plus price ranges and a form to fill out with more detailed questions.

    You then need to be available to hop on a 1:1 call with Emma to discuss all the details of what you would like! And if you aren't sure what you want, don't worry you and Emma will work together to find what's right for you!

  • Things to know...

    Please note we do not take urgent bridal requests, minimum time for enquiry is 6 months for elopement/small wedding designs, 8 months for larger wedding designs. We suggest however submitting a request 12 months before your wedding date!

  • When submitting a request...

    Please make sure you are willing to commit as there will be a design fee, this will act as a deposit and will be taken off your final bill.

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