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About Haus Dahlia

Haus Dahlia is a sustainable size inclusive fashion brand, exploring the connection between historical and modern fashion. Haus Dahlia plays with the idea of the shared female and queer experience. Making handmade garments such as corsets, that have touched the lives of many through history, to pay homage to traditional sewing skills. As well as ideas of liberation, romance and education. 

Founded by Emma Webster, proud alumni of London College of Fashion, Haus Dahlia is focused on sustainable creations. Every piece is made from sustainable or deadstock materials, mindfully chosen from local textile businesses in London. Ethically made by Emma, each garment is also meticulously designed with plus size bodies in mind. Being plus size herself Emma understands the importance of size inclusivity in the industry, and is proud to advocate for more representation across the whole. 

Haus Dahlia is also proud to be a supporter of garment worker rights, anti-fast fashion, and a safe space for women and the LGBTQ+ community to celebrate fun and interesting fashion. 

Mindful Fashion

  • Haus Dahlia sources the best fabrics that are environmentally conscious. Whether it's bamboo silk or deadstock lace, each fabric is mindfully picked for it's sustainable values and amazing quality

Inclusive Sizing

  • As a plus size designer it was extremely important to bring a larger size range to Haus Dahlia. Made to measure allows you to have tailored pieces at no extra cost, and sizes up to 4XL, with more coming in 2024!

Handmade in London

  • A little studio in the London is where the magic happens. Each piece is delicately handmade by designer Emma, as well as packed and shipped!

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