For those who want a personal touch


  • What is Haus Dahlia Customisation?

    Our customisation process allows you to customise our current styles to suit your life and wardrobe better!

  • What can be customised?

    You can customise the fabric, maybe add sleeves, or change lengths of skirts/dresses and more... The only limit is we don't create brand new bespoke pieces, unless it is for bridal, (go to our bridal page to find out more).

  • How to submit a request...

    Simply fill out the form below! We will respond in 48hrs about whether your customisation is possible. Please note that there may be times that certain fabrics might be unavailable. We will only use sustainable or deadstock fabrics in this service, so we can continue our sustainable journey.

  • Things to consider...

    Prices may change depending on fabric and making costs, and you will be billed via an invoice rather than ordering through the store if this is the case.

Custom Request